Portrait making is a joint process. When I start a portrait, I like to get acquainted with my clients, at either their location or my studio in Leverett, Massachusetts. Discussing the clients' intent for the portrait is of crucial importance towards achieving excellence in the final product. A good conversation enables us to clarify underlying assumptions and expectations, and focus on the true character of the portrait.

I like creating both individual and group portraits. My job is to capture the essence of the person, or persons, and honor their highest presence. I believe in the symbolism of the background in order to create an environment within the portrait that reflects the subject's soul and essence.

I prefer to paint from both life and photographs. I take my own photos, in one or two photo sessions, lasting between two to four hours each. The amount of time devoted to this step depends on the elements and character of the portrait, as well as our ability to find the right pose and environment. Back at my studio, I make the initial selection of four to six photographs, which are then enlarged to 8"x 10" size and submitted to the client for comment. The client and I discuss the selection and, upon the client's approval, I proceed with the portrait. Whenever possible, I prefer to finish the portrait with a live sitting, where final details can be incorporated into the project. Whenever this is not possible, photographs of the near-finished portrait can be sent to the client as a substitute.

  • Details of each commission will be determined on an individual basis, including procedures, specific terms, arrangements, and fees.
  • Portraits are done in approximately life-size using only the finest archival materials. Portraits created in this way will last for many generations.
  • Photo sessions are considered a preliminary step and are charged separately from portrait fees.
  • Once the final price is agreed upon, the parties sign a contract that is accompanied by a 30% non-refundable deposit.
  • Portraits are typically completed within four to six months. The balance is due at the time of delivery.
  • Framing is not included in the portrait cost; recommendations can be provided upon request.
Fees / Oils on Linen:
Head and Shoulders $2,000.00
Three-quarter pose $2,800.00
Full Length $4,500.00
Each additional figure, add 75%.
  • The above prices do not include travel, shipping, photography, or framing expenses.
  • Non-refundable 30% deposit is required.

Contact me at 413 221 3707 or via email through our Contact Form.





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